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The history of the farm began more than 400 years ago.  It has known generations and generations of inhabitants.  She has seen all sorts of  of events.  We will never know them with certainty and that is what makes the charm of the place.  Let's now take a leap in history to 1987, the year Daniel and Claire (Céline's parents) decided to settle there with their four children, to arrange the farm according to their needs, according to their desires. Also. Quickly, the main building comes back to life, the garden too. It's good to live on the farm. Time passes, children grow up. Some leave, others stay, or come back. Years later, the stables, then the cowsheds were transformed into living quarters. And today, in 2019, we decide to open our home, to make you discover it, to share it with you.

In this green setting, we are particularly attentive to the protection of nature and we hope for the same from our guests. Since 2023, the gîte has been certified Green Key (international eco label) and we undertake daily actions to maintain this label (waste sorting, eco-responsible cleaning, support for biodiversity, energy savings, promotion of local commerce, ...).

As tourism and leisure are closely linked to our environment, it is particularly important to us to do everything possible to preserve it.

Welcome to the Ferme de Seron and enjoy your stay with us! Celine & David

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